my biography

Amir Ghavami was born in Tehran (Iran).

As a child he studied piano and keyboard in Iran.
After migrating to Netherlands, which is the birthplace of the world greatest DJs, he decided to start these career under his name “Dj Amir Ghavami” from 1998.

In the early years, he started to collect his popularity by mixing the two language and cultural Iranian-Arabic and Iranian-Turkish bilingual remixes and performed it all over Europe, London, Dubai, Turkey, etc.,
And thats how he was given the title of the “ best Iranian DJ” in Europe by all his fans.

To this day, most of the after parties of the concerts of famous Iranian singers in Europe are performed by him.
His successful collaboration with majority of great Iranian singers such as Sami Beigi and Mahsa Navi can be also mentioned to reward his great works. Some of his popular remix also reached RJTOP10 (Radio Javan) which is the most popular Iranian Radio all around the world and well-known with all the great singers.
One of his favorite style in the Dj field is the House, Dance.

It is interesting to mentioned that after 6 years of working so passionate in these field, he has achieved his long-held dream of owning a club in the heart of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, called PMC. Where he hosts Iranians special events and parties with Iranian music over the weekends.

even up to these days, after having 22 years of experiences being the number one Dj in all Europe, he’s priority in life is still working as a DJ and willing to push and improve it to the next level.

Thats where we say “ when you work with passion, you would not treat it as a work but a lifestyle”.